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Research Project FAQ

Below you'll find answers to some of the most common questions I've been asked about my project thus far.


Who can participate in this study?

Any online sex worker over the age of 18 who has or is currently engaged in "legal" online sex work such as camming, clip modeling, phone sex, etc. Full service sex workers (FSSW) who also use sites like Only Fans, Manyvids, etc. may participate, but will not be asked any questions related to work outside of digital platforms and should not provide any information related to FSSW.

What is the purpose of this project?

After following sex workers for the past decade on social media on Tumblr and Twitter, I know sex workers work hard. The main goal of my dissertation is to produce quantitative and quantitative data on the types of labor performed by online sex workers in order to advocate for destigmatization and decriminalization of the sex industry. I also advocate for the inclusion of sex worker rights in women's and gender studies curriculum.

Is this study IRB approved?

Yes it is. The approved cover letter appears at the beginning of the survey. Approved Informed Consent documents for the interview portion of the project will be provided for all participants who choose to complete an interview.

How long does it take?

The survey takes between 10-15 minutes on average to complete. Some people finish in 5 minutes!

The interviews will take between 60-90 minutes. 

Do I have to participate in both?

Not at all! You're able to participate in just the survey, just the interview, both, or none at all. The decision is completely up to you. 

What kinds of questions do you ask?

The survey consists mainly multiple choice demographic questions about your identity, the platforms you use, and how much time you dedicate to the different aspects of your job.

The interview will focus more on your experiences working in the industry and the types of work you do every day to be successful. I will also ask about your views on platforms and experiences with clients.

Will I be compensated for my time?

For the survey, participants will be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card. There will be one winner randomly selected for every 50 participants. Because my goal is to survey 200-300 people to produce a viable data set, I'm unable to pay every participant.

For each interview, you will be paid $50 through a gift card or cash service of your choice. 

I have a question. How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through email or Twitter.

What will happen to my information?

During the study, all information will be stored and secured on an encrypted hard drive. After the study, I will make all of my  findings publicly available. Data, such as interview recordings and survey answers, will be stored on the hard drive and then destroyed a minimum of 8 years after the end of the study, as required by the IRB.

Will you ask me for any personal information that could reveal my identity?

No. I will never ask you for personal information that could reveal your legal name and identity. I also ask that you do not provide me with any. 

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